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Shipping and Delivery

Everything concerning the shipping and delivery of your order!

Where are we based?

We are headquartered in Germany and serve customers worldwide.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order at any time on our official Tracking Page. Just enter your Order Number, Email, Phone Number you used while placing or simply enter the Tracking Number. You can click here to get to our official Tracking Page

Do we ship worldwide?

Absolutely, we provide INTERNATIONAL shipping! Take a moment to review the rates, which are computed at checkout, taking your country into account.

What are our shipping costs and delivery time?

USA:All deliveries to the US cost $4.99 USD (Shipping 2-3 weeks) [FREE Shipping for all orders over $200 USD]. Canada:All deliveries to Canada cost $6.99 CAD (Shipping 2-3 weeks) [FREE Shipping for all orders over $260 CAD]. Australia:All deliveries

Shipping Insurance

At Beverlybased, we understand the importance of protecting your purchases every step of the way. That's why we offer comprehensive Shipping Insurance for just 3.95€. This option covers damages, losses, and theft during shipping. With Shipping Insura